6 Tips for finding a Post Funeral Reception Venue

September 2, 2015

After a funeral service it is traditional for mourners to come together to continue to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away; and this usually happens in the form of a reception or wake.  One key aspect of organising this event is finding the right venue.

While some people will already have left instructions for their funeral, including the venue where they would like their wake to take place, not everyone finds the time to do so before they pass away and this can often leave loved ones or close friends with important decisions to make.


The first consideration is how many people might be expected to attend the funeral. The number of people that are attending can make a big difference in terms of budget, as you may need to hire a larger room or increase the amount of catering that is available.  One way that you can get a good indication of numbers is to phone around friends and loved ones to see whether they will be attending or not.


Once you have an idea of numbers you will need to consider how far away the venue you choose will be. If there are elderly or less mobile people attending then you may wish to consider finding a venue which is suitably close. Alternatively, you could also arrange transport from the crematorium or burial site instead.

Type of venue

When it comes to the type of venue there are lots of different options available. For large gatherings you might wish to choose a hotel, function room or village hall, for example. However you should be able to easily accommodate smaller parties into pubs, restaurants and even a person’s home depending on the actual size.


Although not compulsory, those arranging a post funeral reception will often arrange for food and drink to be made available for mourners, who may be hungry after a long journey or an early service.  If you wish to have food and drink at the reception then you should check with the venue to make sure they have the necessary licences and certificates to allow the reception to take place.


While the practicalities of planning a reception can somewhat dictate the choice of venue, it is also important to consider what the deceased may have wanted. Perhaps there was a pub or restaurant that they loved to go to or some other venue which held particular significance to them.


Ultimately the process of finding a venue for a post funeral reception should be relatively stress free. Although bookings are usually made at short notice, the types of venues commonly used will usually be well-prepared and you may even be able to hire a room at a pub for a very small cost, provided mourners buy drinks, while other venues may have their own dedicated price structure for different types of post funeral receptions.

A local funeral director will have a good knowledge of the different venues in your area and their suitability for your service. For more information about planning a post funeral reception please read our online guide, or contact us on 0151 228 3900.