Could video streaming become a key part of funerals in the future?

July 3, 2017

As technology begins to seep its way into almost every aspect of our lives, a new trend has begun to catch on in crematoriums and funeral homes around the world.

A growing number of funeral homes and crematoriums are beginning to offer live-streaming of funeral services, viewable by smart devices such as mobiles, laptops and computers so that friends and family can watch a service from their own home.

One of the motivations for this growth in live streaming of funerals is that it can allow friends and family who are unable to attend the ceremony to feel part of the goings on.

While in the past it was uncommon for people to migrate from their home towns to another town, city, or country, today it is very common to live elsewhere. People also have far more diverse friendship groups than ever before, making friends during their university years, while working and now online through the internet and social media.  This means that our friendship groups are often spread out over a very wide distance and for them all to attend a funeral would be too difficult.

Live streaming involves recording the audio signal and video footage of a funeral and broadcasting it to selected viewers. This allows mourners to hear the songs or hymns that have been chosen, listen to readings and sermons and to family or friends delivering their eulogies.  It also allows for people who are in ill health to be able to say their own private goodbyes to their loved one.

A funeral is indeed an important part of the grieving process and by making access to the service more widely available it gives more people the opportunity to listen, watch and process whatever emotions they have inside them at that moment.

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