COVID-19 Update: 14th April

April 14, 2020

Now that we have worked with the various new rules and regulations that have rapidly been brought about due to Covid, we have established what we can and can’t offer for a funeral service at this challenging time. We are caught between our responsibilities to follow Social Distancing guidelines to keep us and you and everyone else safe and our aspiration to give everyone a decent funeral and a proper send-off.

During this pandemic, this is what we suggest:

  • When someone has passed away ‘phone us as soon as you can and tell us who you are and where you live, who has died, where they are now, where they lived, when they died and whether you wish to arrange for burial or cremation.
  • We will give you advice regarding certification and registration and will arrange to call you back a short while later, after we have spoken to the hospital, coroner, Doctors and crematorium/cemetery offices on your behalf.
  • We will call you back to make all the funeral arrangements over the ‘phone. We will either email or post to you the paperwork that needs to be signed.
  • Although many people choose a simple coffin for cremation, we can still offer you a choice of a smart solid oak or a traditional woven willow coffin.
  • Nearly all families want to visit their loved one in our chapel of rest and we think that is absolutely the right thing to do and very important for your own mental health. We are still able to offer this and all deceased persons will be handled, treated and prepared with the greatest of care and respect. A person who has died with Covid will be in a closed coffin, but in a private chapel where you can sit and reflect. Our chapels and premises are currently locked and out of bounds to anyone other than staff, so you will need to ‘phone us to make an appointment to visit.
  • On the day of the funeral we will put the coffin on to our hearse as usual and come to your house or the deceased’s house to meet you and we can all set off together from there. Some families choose to meet us at the crematorium/cemetery but we think it is a little more personal if we come to your house first.
  • We will have sufficient men to bear or wheel the coffin in to the chapel but you may help if you wish. Remember only 10 of you can come to the funeral service.
  • Our Funeral Director will help and guide you through all stages and will attend the funeral with you to support you in all practical aspects.

Our usual fee for the service outlined above is £2,100.00. We are aware that many of our clients are currently furloughed on 80% pay, so we will only charge 80% until further notice, therefore our fee will be £1,680.00. Charges made by the crematorium, doctors and clergy are not included and are additional.

Please read our previous posts related to Covid.

Thank you,