Direct Cremation

What is it?

Direct Cremation is a current alternative to a proper funeral. The cremation takes place separately from your personal farewell which you may wish to organise at a later date, in a more relaxed setting, using the ashes urn and photographs as a centre piece or focal point. Direct Cremation is a suitable option for families that don’t require a proper funeral as well as for those that wish to keep funeral expenses low.

What’s included?

For the price of £1,345 we will:

  • Collect your loved one from a hospital or coroners’ mortuary during working hours.
  • Gently wrap your loved one in white cloth and carefully place them in a plain wooden coffin.
  • Transfer them to a crematorium in our private ambulance.
  • Pay the crematorium charge.

It is important that you understand that we choose the crematorium and the day and time of the cremation and that you cannot attend. We will tell you which day the cremation is to take place but not the time or location. We will take your loved one in to the crematorium chapel and will sit quietly and respectfully whilst a piece of soft music is played; we will then leave and the crematorium staff will continue with the arrangements.

The ashes can either be scattered in the crematorium grounds by their own team, without you present, or we can collect the ashes for you to collect from us.

Other Charges:

  • Not everyone passes away in a hospital. If we need to come to a private house, a nursing home or a hospice we will do so in a private ambulance with trained men who will collect your loved one with great care and professionalism. We can do this day or night, 7 days per week. £250
  • Some people need a larger coffin and this will require more staff at every stage to ensure the deceased is handled in a safe and dignified manner. The crematorium will also take more time to carry out their tasks. All of this incurs a little more expense. £300
  • If a pacemaker or other implant needs to be removed our qualified mortuary technicians will do so. £100
  • If you chose to retain the ashes they will be in a very plain plastic or cardboard container as standard. If you wish, we can transfer them into an oak casket with an engraved name plate. £90
  • If we need to make a journey of more than 20 miles (round trip) to collect your loved one then we need to charge a little extra. £1.75/mile
  • Sometimes medical paperwork is legally required, we will arrange this on your behalf as part of our service but the doctors make a charge of either £82 or £164.

How to pay:

  • You can pay by credit or debit card , by bank transfer or with cash and we can accept payments from multiple family members so that you can share and spread the cost.
  • We will ask for full payment to be made within two working days from making the arrangements.
  • We will make our booking with a crematorium and plan a date and time once all the necessary paperwork has been completed and your full payment has been received.

Further Information:

  • It is very important that you tell us from the outset if you think that Direct Cremation might be what you want, so that we don’t incur other charges and costs for you.
  • If you do not want to meet a Funeral Director or visit a funeral home then it can be possible to make all the arrangements via telephone and email. Some forms need to be signed by you, this could be done by post.
  • Your loved one will be treated with care and dignity and you with courtesy; however you will not be able to view your loved one prior to the cremation nor will you be able to join us at the crematorium.