A few notes on embalming…

We’re really proud of the work that our award-winning embalmers do here at Craven. So we wanted to explain a little about the process of embalming.

Embalming, or some type of preservation, has been recorded in history as far back as the Egyptians. Back in those days, only the wealthy were embalmed or mummified, as it was known then. Of course, history has shown that Egyptian mummies remained well preserved for thousands of years.

Over the years, the procedure has changed many times and we now use modern embalming for two main reasons – to allow adequate time between death and burial to observe social customs such as funeral services, and to prevent the spread of infection. Small cosmetic touches are often added for aesthetic reasons.

Modern embalming consists primarily of replacing the blood and gases from the body with a disinfecting fluid.

Above all, this skilled and important job ensures that families have the time needed to pay respects, express sympathies and say a proper farewell to their loved one.