What if you don’t want a traditional funeral?

April 3, 2017

No doubt one of the biggest changes that funeral directors have witnessed in the past few decades is the transition from Victorian style funerals to present day funerals which are much more relaxed and open to personalisation.

While in the past many aspects of a funeral would be dictated by religious customs and social norms, there is today a great deal of freedom to be had when it comes to tailoring a funeral to your specific requirements.

That isn’t to say that religion cannot play a role in a funeral, and that traditional values are no longer respected, but there is a lot more freedom to customise your own funeral the way you would like it to be.  Funerals today range from elaborate to simple and religious to non-religious and provided that you have informed someone of your wishes through a will or through a funeral plan, you should be able to be remembered in the way that you want to be remembered.

Breaking the Norms

One of the first aspects of a funeral that can be personalised is your final resting place. While traditionally burials were the most popular choice, today cremation has overtaken this with around 75% of people choosing cremation over burial. But, there are a wider range of options available too. Increasingly, many people are becoming concerned by the environmental impact of funerals and are opting to choose an eco-burial where natural materials are used for a coffin that are biodegradable so will have less of an impact on the environment.

If you decide that you would like to be buried or cremated and would like a coffin then modern day coffins are highly customisable. You may be able to choose specific patterns and motifs such as the colours of your favourite sports team, a musical note, a favourite bird, or a religious symbol.  You can also change the materials and even the colour of your coffin to something that you approve of.

It’s not just your resting place that you can adjust either. When it comes to your service you may decide to have your funeral take place in a religious building or a non-religious building. You might wish to ask mourners to wear black, as was traditionally expected, or you may instead decide that you would like everyone to wear the brightest colours they can find, to lighten the mood of the service. You might ask mourners to bring traditional flower arrangements, or instead donate money to a charity close to your heart instead.

While traditionally hymns and sermons would be read out at a funeral, you can instead have non-religious readings or poems to be delivered and have a special piece of music played – your favourite song, or just a song that you feel is fitting for your funeral.

Whether you decide to personalise your funeral service with special music, a decorated coffin, or by having a green funeral that is good for the environment there are hundreds of choices that can now be made to make your funeral unique and special to you. For help and advice on organising a funeral, please contact us on 0151 228 3900, or leave us a message through our contact us page by clicking here.