Choosing the right coffin

The choice of coffin depends on your preference of style along with your budget.

Although our traditional, high quality wood coffins are still the most popular type of coffin, there are several alternatives also available. In fact, coffins made of bamboo, wool, wicker, cardboard, willow or recycled materials are now becoming increasingly popular.

Another trend is the personal adornment of coffins with flowers, images, flags or clothing as well as photographs of loved ones sometimes placed on or around the coffin.

You may also place special mementos inside the coffin, too. These include items such as jewellery and watches. If you’ve chosen a cremation, we may have to remove some of these items (due to crematorium emission legislation) before the cremation itself and we’ll return them to you discreetly.

Whichever coffin you choose, we want to make sure it suits your needs – please contact us on (0151) 228 3900 (24-hour manned line) to talk it over…