Floral tributes or donations

The power of flowers

Flowers and floral tributes can say so much. It’s why human beings have used the natural beauty of flowers to express their sympathy and emotions during bereavement for centuries – a living tribute to the dead.

There is firm historic evidence that flowers were used to adorn bodies in Roman times. And, of course, the practice continues today in much the same way.

 Donations – giving something back

Cash donations to charity might not have the historic legacy of flowers – but we think they offer a lovely way to thank a particular organisation. Or to simply fund raise for a preferred charity that was close to your loved one’s heart. It’s a way of giving a little back to the community or society in general in honour of the deceased.

In our experience, we’ve found that mourners are increasingly being asked, or are choosing themselves, to make donations to a specific charity in place of floral tributes. Perhaps around a half of the funerals we carry out now involve some sort of charitable giving. It’s a nice thing to see.