Funeral dress codes

Dressing appropriately for a funeral

It’s an English historical tradition to wear black clothes to a funeral. All customs and traditions change and evolve over the years. And funerals are no different. As society becomes more relaxed and less formal, black suits and black ties aren’t necessarily required for all funerals.

That said, black is still the most commonly attire worn by mourners at funerals that we arrange here at Craven. But it may be reassuring to know that there are no strict conventions or rules to say that you must wear black. In fact, many other fashion trends and colours are beginning to be used as a form of celebration and defiance – from a pink theme (symbolising the fight against breast cancer) to multicoloured ties.

You may even make a specific request for guests not to wear black – or you can stipulate bright clothing for those attending on your invites. This modern break with tradition is especially popular for funerals of younger people.