Flowers, tributes and donations

Choosing the perfect flowers and organising donations

Of course, beautiful flowers usually grace most funeral services. Floral sprays, arrangements or tributes from the whole family are perennially popular.

Here at Craven, we often see uplifting floral tributes in the form of words such as ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’. Floral sculptures are becoming increasingly creative and individual, too – from flowers representing a pint of ale to a car and a cricket bat.

So let us help you design your own personal tribute with bouquets, wreaths and sprays as well as coffin displays and specialist designs.

Our many years of expertise in arranging floral designs that reflect personal preferences – your choice of flowers, colours and styles can be a genuinely poignant and symbolic gesture…

Many families also like to take the flowers home with them – arrangements that can be displayed in a vase or donated to a local hospital or their loved one’s place of work.

After the funeral

We can provide you with a list of mourners who have sent flowers, and we’ll collect and save the tribute cards.

We can also arrange for the flowers to be taken to a place of your choice, including your home or placed on a family grave. Following the funeral, you may want some floral tributes to benefit others (such as a hospital, nursing home or other organisations). Again, we’ll be happy to arrange all this for you.

Asking for donations

Many bereaved families restrict the sending of floral tributes to immediate family members only and ask others to consider making a donation to a particular charity.

This has become increasing popular in recent years and it’s a wonderful way to help raise vital funds for a charity or good cause that’s close to your heart – or one that was particularly relevant to your loved one. It’s certainly well worth thinking about.

Please contact us on (0151) 228 3900 (24-hour manned line) and we can offer help and advice about floral and charitable donations.