Our Coffins

Choosing the right coffin for you

Our wide range of coffins and caskets are of the finest quality and style available. Let us help you choose the one that’s best for your needs.

The choice of coffin depends on your preference as well as your budget.

Although our traditional, high quality wood coffins are still the most popular type of coffin, there are several alternatives also available. In fact, coffins made of bamboo, wool, wicker, cardboard, willow or recycled materials are now becoming increasingly popular.

The Severn

  • Simple, traditional coffin
  • Varnished mahogany veneer

The Ribble

  • Beautifully finished with a mahogany veneer
  • Elegant raised lid
  • Comfortably padded and lined

The Mersey

Based upon the Ribble, including:

  • Superior internal trim
  • Exterior fittings
  • Varnished mahogany veneer

The Lune

  • Quality solid oak coffin
  • Simple, understated appearance

The Avon

Traditional styled solid oak coffin

  • Raised lid
  • Panelled sides

The Willow

  • Traditional Style
  • Choice of colours for willow handles and banding
  • Hand Crafted Somerset Willow
  • Weatherbeaten Gold or Natural Buff
  • Curved-end Casket
  • Choice of colours for willow handles and banding
  • Calico cotton lining and Pillow

The Canturbury

  • Very high quality
  • Solid mahogany casket
  • Sumptuous interior