What types of memorial are there?

Cemetery Memorials

Cemeteries and churchyards can have different guidelines, so Craven will be able to advise what permanent memorials are allowed for the chosen resting place. There may be specific guidelines for the type of words allowed on a headstone, the style of the headstone itself and any grave surround you choose to have – but don’t worry we’re here to help you through this process. If there is any ongoing fees on maintenance responsibilities you need to be aware of for the grave we will let you know.

It’s helpful to know that you don’t have to choose a headstone immediately when organising a funeral – some time may be required before it can be placed securely in the ground by a grave. Choosing a headstone after a short period of time can also help to spread the cost of the funeral. When you’re ready to choose and place a headstone, Craven will apply to your chosen cemetery or churchyard for permission, and we will advise on the fees required for obtaining this permission.

Crematorium Memorials

Craven has long standing relationships with the local crematoria, so we’ll be able to provide you with full information about the permanent memorial options they can offer. Options generally include:

  • A dedicated book of┬áremembrance
  • Memorial plaques in various locations (benches, gardens, etc) dedicated to someones memory
  • Sponsorship of a tree or a plant in your loved ones name

Online Memorials

The internet is becoming ever popular, and we have seen a rise in the number of people looking to create an on-line memorial. This type of memorial can be very flexible, and you can allow friends and family to add to it over time, so it can continue to grow.