A Guide to Digital Legacies

Over the past few decades we have all become dependent to some extent on technology and the digital world and have ended up with a number of digital assets. These assets are part of your property and therefore, there is a lot of discussion about what happens to them after someone has died. Here, we discuss in detail what digital legacies are, what happens to them after someone dies, and what can be done to protect them.  What is a digital legacy?   We will ...Read More

Misconceptions about grief

Grief is universal and something everyone will experience at some point. However, there are some aspects that remain misunderstood. These misconceptions can end up being dangerous to some. Here we discuss what some of the most common misconceptions about grief are, and which elements of them are actually based on fact. Everyone grieves in stages   Although grief is a process, not everyone follows the same rules. Many people use the 5 stage process developed by Dr Kubler Ross. These stages are denial, anger, bargaining, ...Read More

Stages of Grief- Understanding the Grief Process

Grief is universal yet everyone grieves differently and there is no correct way of grieving. However, psychologists have noticed some common stages that many people experience after a loss. Although these stages of grief have been acknowledged, people may experience the various stages of grief in any order. They may also experience the stages a varying number of times. Grief is not a linear process that can be predicted. We are all individual and therefore we experience grief in unique ...Read More

Dealing with special occasions after the loss of a loved one

Grief affects us all in different ways and there is no specific time period that it takes to stop grieving. The loss of a loved one will be with you for the rest of your life, but whereas some days you will cope fine, other days will be a struggle. It is common for some days to be particularly emotional and sad if it is spent celebrating a special occasion. Whether it is the birthday of your loved one, a ...Read More

The changing trends in funerals

Thinking about funerals is never a happy task. Whether you have lost someone close to you, or are thinking about your own funeral plans, you might find it difficult to consider all the different elements of a funeral. It can be overwhelming to understand what type of funeral you would like to organise. Nowadays, there is not just one way to have a funeral. So many elements of funerals have evolved over the years.   In Victorian times, a funeral ...Read More

What to consider when choosing funeral music

  There was a time when choosing funeral music meant picking from a list provided by the funeral director, which contained a limited selection. Usually these songs were traditional and either instrumental or hymns. Times have now changed. We now have the choice to play pretty much any song, so the options are completely up to you and how best to celebrate the person’s life. Choosing music for a funeral helps create a personalised service that pays tribute to a ...Read More

9 ways to help someone who is grieving

At the best of times, it can be difficult to talk about the subject of death and of dying. The topic can leave us feeling awkward, uncomfortable and overwhelmed with emotion. This unpleasant cocktail of feelings is only strengthened when we are faced with someone who has recently lost someone close. It can be tough to know what to say, what to do and how to act when you see them for the first time since their loss occurred. Here ...Read More

Final gifts – how to talk to a loved one nearing the end of their life and why you should do it

It would be very easy to blame an aversion to speaking to our loved ones about their death on the famous British stiff upper lip. The truth, however, is that speaking to someone you love about the end of their life is a struggle that is universal and shared. Knowing that someone we love is approaching the end can be hard to accept. While in years to come we might wish we had asked deep and profound questions, in reality ...Read More

Coping with the violent death of a loved one

A sudden or violent death can leave survivors in a desperate place. When a death is unanticipated there is no time to prepare yourself for the grief that you will face, and you may feel resentful, angry and cheated as well as an immense amount of distress and sadness over the nature of what has happened. In addition to this, there are different types of challenges and pressures that come with a violent death. At the same time as confronting ...Read More

How to cope with becoming an end of life caregiver

Many people choose to spend the end of their lives at home, rather than in another setting such as a hospital, hospice or a residential care home. There can be many reasons for this decision, but often it is because of the familiarity and good memories that come with a familiar environment. However, living at home in those final days almost always requires the support of others, often with the responsibility for care being passed to loved ones, friends or ...Read More