How memory boxes can help preserve your life story

One of the biggest fears that we have when we lose someone close to us is that, as time goes on, we will forget who they were. Important aspects of their personality that made them who they are, important events that happened in their lives, and just the simple things that gave them enjoyment can all slip from our memory as we age. Not only do we often want to keep these memories for ourselves, but also for the next ...Read More

What to do if you find out you have a terminal illness

If you have discovered that you have an incurable illness that has limited your life expectancy to a short space of time then you will likely be very distressed. There is no right or wrong way to feel when you find out and you may experience a variety of different emotions along the journey. When you first find out you may feel angry, scared and helpless or may have a period of denial where you find it hard to accept ...Read More

Planning a funeral for your baby

Losing a child at any age is almost always one of the hardest and most difficult challenges that we could ever face in our lives. However, the last thing that many parents expect to ever experience is to have to plan a funeral for their baby. Sadly, thousands of cases of still births, sudden infant death syndrome and other infant deaths occur in the UK every year – with the UK having the highest rates in Europe.  This sensitive guide ...Read More

How to help a bereaved parent adjust to living alone

Returning to your home after losing a partner is one of the hardest things that people who have been bereaved have to face.  If your parent has recently lost their partner, don’t be surprised if they need your support.  Returning to a home that was once full of memories and now seems eerily quiet, mixed with anxiety over living independently can be hard to deal with.  Here are some ways that you can help them to readjust and begin to ...Read More

Legacy Letters: passing your values on to future generations

Pause for a moment and consider the events in your life that have shaped who you are today. What are your proudest achievements? What are your biggest regrets? If you had the chance to pass these lessons on to future generations, what exactly would you say? What is a legacy letter? Also known as an ethical will, a farewell letter, a testament or an ‘ending note’, a legacy letter gives you the chance to pass on your most important life ...Read More

Talking about your funeral plans

It’s not a topic that is easy to talk about, but planning for what happens after you die is not something that you should avoid. Taking the time to talk to your loved ones about your wishes and wants can reduce the need for them to make difficult decisions on your behalf further down the line and could take away a lot of stress for them in what can be a tough time. It also ensures that your funeral takes ...Read More

Coping with the loss of a loved one

Losing someone that is close to us is among the hardest challenges that we can face in our lives and the connected pain that comes with losing a friend, family member or loved one can be very intense. How then can we overcome our grief, honour their memory and continue with our lives? Here we will look at the different stages of grief and consider some of the ways that you can begin to cope with your bereavement. The four ...Read More

Choosing funeral music, poetry and readings

In our article “How funerals are changing” we explained how funerals have changed dramatically in recent years.  Funerals have become more about celebrating a person’s life than mourning their passing.  Religion plays less of a role than it previously did.  Cremations are now far more popular than burials.  There has been a noticeable increase in environmentally friendly funerals.  And perhaps one of the biggest changes of all is the growth in personalisation of funerals.  This means adding personal touches to ...Read More

What to do with the personal possessions of a loved one

People collect all manner of possessions over their lifetimes and often these will evoke powerful memories of that person’s character and the moments you shared together. This can make the process of sorting out their possessions a difficult task to endure. In this guide we will offer some advice and guidance on how to get things done efficiently but also how you can turn this experience into something positive. Getting help The first decision you will need to make is ...Read More

A guide to planning a post funeral reception

Funerals can often be sombre, tiring and emotional affairs and as such it is customary for a post funeral reception to take place to provide an opportunity for loved ones to come together  in a more casual and positive atmosphere to share stories, eat, drink and comfort each other. It is also a good opportunity for friends and family members who have not seen each other for a long time to have a catch up. In this guide we will ...Read More