Creating New Christmas Traditions

October 21, 2019

Grief at Christmas can be overwhelming. It is meant to be the season of joy and happiness, but it can also be a time of pain and sadness if you have lost a loved one. There are constant reminders of them as they used to be involved in the Christmas traditions you and your family take part in. Starting a new tradition can benefit you and your family, especially if you have lost someone recently. It allows you a dedicated time to remember your loved one and lets them continue to be part of the day. If you have children especially, it is important to ensure you still celebrate Christmas as much as possible, but you will just be doing it in a new way. Here we discuss some Christmas traditions you could incorporate into your day to remember a loved one:

  1. Serve your loved one’s favourite dessert at your Christmas meal
  2. Toast your loved one during after dinner drinks or during the meal itself
  3. After Christmas dinner take it in turns to share your favourite memory of them
  4. If your Christmas involves a big family reunion, start your day by having breakfast with just your immediate family before everyone else arrives
  5. Bake something that your loved one used to bake at Christmas, using their exact recipe
  6. Create a Christmas playlist full of their favourite songs
  7. Watch their favourite Christmas film (either on your own or as a group)
  8. Start a tradition of carolling after Christmas dinner and sing their favourite Christmas tunes
  9. Light a candle in their honour
  10. Have a moment of silence
  11. Have an extra plate setting at the table that is always reserved for them
  12. Take a trip to their favourite place
  13. Plant a tree
  14. Go for a family walk
  15. Hang a stocking for them
  16. Buy a special Christmas ornament for your tree and add to the collection each year
  17. Donate to charity in their name
  18. Create a secret signal for your immediate family. This can be a sign your give to each other when they are reminded of your loved one or are not coping
  19. Donate food for other people to celebrate Christmas
  20. Celebrate Christmas in a different location if you don’t feel like celebrating the day at your home
  21. Attend a Christmas memorial service
  22. Volunteer for a charity, such as a homeless shelter or care home
  23. Visit their grave and place a Christmas wreath or plant on it

This is not an extensive list and there are no rules. The point of a new tradition is that it has sentimental meaning to you and your family. It should also reflect the personality of your loved ones and be something you know they would be happy you were doing to remember them at Christmas. Take your time when choosing as it needs to be special, achievable, realistic and something you know can continue and be cherished for many Christmases to come.

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