Keeping Someone’s Memory Alive

May 14, 2020

Losing someone is never easy. It is devasting to lose someone you love and it can also be difficult to find ways to feel connected to them after they have died. Discovering ways to keep your loved one’s memories’ alive can help ease the pain and also ensure that your loved one is honoured. These acts can be small gestures or bigger events, whichever you choose are all equally as important. They can be extremely helpful in getting some people through their own grieving process. Here are just some ways to keep someone’s memories alive: 

Fill a Boxed photo frame-

You can get a boxed photo frame that can not only old photos but also small memorabilia or trinkets that remind you of the one you have lost.

Create a Photo Book

Creating a photo book is a great way to keep your special photos safe. It can also be cathartic and peaceful to create. 

Make things out of loved one’s clothing

If you are struggling to part with some of your loved one’s clothing, you may want to consider reusing them to create something new such as cushion covers, blankets or even teddy bears. If you are crafty, then this can make a great project to be proud of, however, there are also plenty of services that offer to make these on your behalf. 

Restore old photos

If possible, you can restore old photos of your loved ones. Doing so can help you relive amazing memories but also can lead to discoveries about your loved one’s past.  

Write poetry

Although writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, some find it extremely peaceful to create a poem in their loved one’s honour. It doesn’t have to be perfect, however, it is a great outlet for your feelings.  

Celebrate their birthday

Again, this may not be for everyone. There may be those who do not want to mark special days, however many find it useful to still celebrate and believe it to be a great way to keep their memory alive. Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you and can serve your loved one’s favourite food and drink in their honour. Finishing off with a toast and a tribute to them.  

Make a Memory book

You could interview friends and family to create a book with memories and stories about your loved one. You may also have some stories from your loved one that they shared with you. This is a great way to immortalise these stories and share with others. 

Donate to a special cause

If your loved one had a special cause close to their heart then this may be something you want to continue on their behalf. If they did not have a special cause, you could start donating to a charity that supports something that relates to your lost one on their behalf. 

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree in your garden is a popular form of remembrance and is a beautiful way to embrace nature. 

Finish projects they were working on

Was your loved one working on something before they died? No matter what the project is. Perhaps they had started doing work in the garden or painting the spare bedroom finishing the job is a perfect wat to keep their memory alive and show off their hard work. 

Revisit their favourite things

Watching their favourite films, reading their favourite book or listening to their favourite albums are all great ways to feel close to them. They can all become things that you treasure for years to come. 

Write them a letter

Losing someone is tough and it can be difficult to verbalise your feelings. Some find it helpful to write their feelings down. You could even address it to your loved one to tell them how you are feeling and what you have been doing. Many have shown that it can help people through their grief. 

Create a Memorial Video

If you have footage of your loved one, it can be a nice idea to create a compilation video. This can also be great for those with children as it gives them something to watch and feel close to their loved one. 

Create your own tradition

Think about what your loved one held dear to them. Once you have thought about it, incorporate it into your life. For example, if your loved one liked a certain type of film, have special film nights whenever a new movie comes out. If they loved playing Monopoly, try and organise a family game night every now and then to form a family tradition in their honour. 

Everyone has different ways of remembering and honouring loved ones. It needs to be something that works for you, and it may take time to discover what is the best way. However, the ideas above can hopefully help you discover some of the ways of keeping memories alive for years and even generations to come. 

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